Outdoor Tracker Systems, Inc.

Communication, Safety & Management Products and Software for Outdoors Men and Women

What is the Outdoor Tracker System?

Welcome to Outdoor Tracker Systems where innovative products allow you to communicate for safety, privacy, & emergency response, and help to organize your outdoor activities. We’re all taught to leave a record behind before entering the wilderness just in case of emergency, and OTS provides easy-to-use applications and visual tools for safer and more enjoyable outdoor experiences.

Our MyPASS program is the ultimamypass-logo-orange-010114-clr.pngte communication tool for the outdoors. When you identify a location afield that you’ll visit in MyPASS, you have the E-Alert options of:

  • sending e-mail messages to friends & family
  • updating your Facebook & Twitter status
  • posting your location on a public map for other outdoorsmen to see

In addition to E-Alerts, MyPASS also has a map printing utility. Printed maps of your location can be placed in our Porta-Board or Porta-Pouch for display on your vehicle, camp, home, office or any other appropriate location. This allows you to communicate your location, activity, and duration to family, friends, co-workers, other outdoorsmen, emergency responders, landowners, and wildlife professionals…anyone, anywhere you choose to put it on display.
For the hunting industry, we’ve also developed huntLINX. HuntLINX is a private, web-based application to organize your hunting property, information, pictures, journal, history, and reports in a satellite mapping environment. HuntLINX also includes all the communication options found in MyPASS.


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