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Hunters Lives Matter

Controversial? Maybe. Accurate? Definitely.

joe-sadie-fall2014Hunters Lives Matter, not only to us here at Outdoor Tracker Systems, but to anyone who participates in any outdoor activity on the 600+ million acres of publicly accessible land across our country. That’s not to say that Hikers, Campers, Fisherman, and other outdoor sportsmen & women don’t matter. But, the contributions that hunters make via licensing, game tags, sporting goods purchases, firearms, ammunition, vehicle registrations and so much more are the primary revenue generator for the many State & Federal Agencies that manage our public lands and waterways.

Additionally, many hunters are paying members of conservation organizations with stated goals of providing habitat improvement, education, and land acquisitions, most of which are also available to support other outdoor activities. Organizations like the NWTF, DU, RMEF and Whitetails Unlimited, among others, not only represent the interests of different wildlife species, but they work with hunters and wildlife professionals on conservation best practices to ensure our hunting heritage is protected for future generations. Other groups like the NSSF, NRA & USSA represent the legal interests of hunters and shooters. All of this translates into millions of hunter dollars that are used to keep our wilderness accessible and enjoyable.

ata-2015Hunters also support local businesses and economies all across our country via gear purchases, travel expenses, hotels & hospitality, restaurants & groceries, fuel, guide & outfitter fees, and other incidental expenditures. Hunting generates nearly $40 billion annually in retail sales while keeping over a half-million Americans employed. The average hunter spends about $3000 per year, with nearly 14 million participants that hunt deer, turkey, migratory birds, upland game, small game, predators and varmints. And, many hunters participate in local venison donation programs sponsored by Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Hunters Feed the Hungry, Sportsmen Against Hunger and others, making millions of meals available to disadvantaged Americans.

hen-turkeyAt Outdoor Tracker Systems, we want to be sure that every hunter and outdoorsman makes it home safely to enjoy their next outing. We help sportsmen & women leave an accurate record of their location behind in case of emergency, and encourage communication and courtesy afield to improve personal safety, satisfaction and success. See how we help you enjoy the outdoors more at OutdoorTrackerSystems.com.

If you’d like to learn more about the many ways that hunters and sportsmen & women contribute to the American way of life, choose from the links below:
Pittman Robertson Act:

Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET):

Fish & Wildlife Tax Reports (2011):

Economic Importance of Hunting in America (2012):


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