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What’s Your Outdoor Passion?

Every outdoors man & woman has a favorite activity that takes them to a secluded destination in our vast wilderness. Along with the exhilaration that’s experienced in these remote locations comes an associated risk: navigating cliffs & ledges, stream & river crossings, or exploring caverns & canyons.

Each time you depart for your little slice of heaven, you need to leave a record behind for safety and recovery. At Outdoor Tracker Systems, we’ve created the perfect WebApp to help you communicate with family, friends, other sportsmen, and first responders. It’s a simple process that’ll give your loved ones peace of mind, and might just save your life. Watch this short video to learn about MyPASS, MyPersonalAlertSafetySystem, then click the link to GET IT FREE! SHARE if you care!



One comment on “What’s Your Outdoor Passion?

  1. Nick Jarvie
    April 21, 2014

    For the past 10 years, I’ve been a volunteer at “Pacific Northwest Raptor Center” in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
    What started as a Fathers Day gift from my Daughter in 2003, has become a huge part of my life. I get the opportunity to interact with over a 100 birds of prey, from the little boreal owl to the golden eagles that were born at the center last summer. It has raised both my awareness and my appreciation for the the role of the raptors in our society.

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