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Planning Ahead for Safety, Privacy & Recovery Afield

iStock_000015970712MediumMany of us enjoy the great outdoors in a number of ways. Hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities are at the core of millions of people. The great outdoors offers scenic views, challenging peaks, and rolling streams that are as beautiful as they are dangerous. In this day of high tech gadgets, many have the perceived security of a cell phone or GPS device to get out of a jam. But, what happens if the phone is in the car, you’re out of range, the batteries are dead or, heaven forbid, you’re incapacitated from a fall? We all know that we’re supposed to “LEAVE A RECORD BEHIND FOR SAFETY”, but how are you doing this?

With MyPASS from Outdoor Tracker Systems, you can inform friends, family, and other outdoors men & women of your location afield for safety, privacy, and emergency response…from your PC, laptop or tablet BEFORE you leave your coverage area for less than $6 per year. Better yet, get the first year FREE with our INTRODUCTORY OFFER! (Expires 06/30/2014)

Your MyPASS E-Alert options will post a message on your behalf each time you activate a location from our satellite imagery with the name of your location and your GPS coordinates, thereby leaving a record behind in case of emergency. Select from the options that suit your needs:

mypass-logo-orange-010114-clrE-mail to family & friends
Status updates on Facebook
Twitter feeds
Shared pins on Public Maps
Proximity alerts between sportsmen

Additionally, MyPASS allows you to print custom maps of your favorite locations. These can be placed in OTS’ Porta-Board or Porta-Pouch and give others visibility to your destination before they hit the field, communicating your location to people outside of your E-Alert circle. This helps to avoid unintended interruptions and increases the level of safety for everyone that see’s it.

Every outdoorsman or woman has a few places where they escape for that last few hours of daylight. Unfortunately, more often than not, it’s the same last minute getaway for many others, too. The result is often disappointment from interruptions and growing frustration with public land access. By displaying your intentions, those places now become more private getaways. However you choose to enjoy your time outdoors, the Outdoor Tracker Systems products allow you to do it safer while promoting communication and courtesy in the field.


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