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Extend Your Predator Control


For many dedicated hunters, June thru August are typically allocated to planting food plots, providing minerals, and scouting their hunting properties. However, this can also be a very productive time of year to add predator control to your agenda. Coyotes, foxes, and wolves are late Winter/Spring breeders, thus becoming active Spring/Summer feeders.

Predators only breed once each year, and they must provide for their pups from womb to tomb. With the deer & elk fawn births and turkey hatches of the Spring and Summer, there is an abundance of nutrition available to them, and they will rarely let an easy meal pass. And, once your food plots begin to mature and get use, you can bet the predators will be quick to discover your herd concentrated on those food sources. This is a prime opportunity for you to do some predator management to increase the survival rate of your deer herd.

So, what’s a hunter to do? Well, if you’re using the Summer months to scout your property, take time during each visit to do some predator hunting. I visit different properties each weekend to swap my SD cards out of trail cameras, replenish baits and minerals, and move or place stands. Instead of making these visits during the heat of the day, I get to the properties before sunrise or sunset and select a stand or blind to do an hour of calling and hunting. This also allows me to pattern early-season deer, make a note of the sanctuary areas that deer use, and to observe movement between food, water, and bedding.

A comprehensive wildlife management plan not only caters to the nutritional needs of the herd, but also includes reducing invasive and predatory species from the property. Take an extra hour during each of your visits, and you’ll reap the benefits all season long. Check your local regulations to be verify open/closed seasons.

While your at it, you’ll also need a management tool like huntLINX to assist you in organizing your stands, pictures, plots, baits, minerals, and activity for improved success. Find out more about the benefits of huntLINX at OutdoorTrackerSystems.com



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