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Why Hunting Safety Afield Matters

Hunting related accidents have been on a steady decline due to safety programs promoted by Conservation Organizations and State Agencies. Hunter safety education, wearing blaze orange, and improved tree harnesses all contribute to creating a safer hunting environment for everyone. However, the single leading cause of injury, and sometimes death, is a hunter mistaking someone for wild game. (see http://familiesafield.org/pdf/IIR_12_page_4_Hunting.pdf for report)

This is an ages-old occurrence that’s becoming less prevalent each year but can still be improved upon. While these injuries are unintentionally caused by others hunters to folks like you, are you doing everything possible to avoid becoming the next statistic?

Communication in the field amongst anonymous hunters is virtually non-existent, and injuries from hunters in the same party occur every year. When you choose a location that’s already occupied by others, as is the case often on public lands or club leases, you’ve entered an environment that is increasingly prone to accidents. Wearing blaze orange when approaching your location is one way to communicate your presence to others, but after you’ve camo’d up, how does a mobile hunter become aware of you?


At Outdoor Tracker Systems, we’ve closed the loop on field communication to improve safety from the time you leave your home, work or camp until you walk back in the door. By adding our field communication tools to your safety program, you’re inserting layers of alerts and notifications without ever having to make a sound. If you’re safety regimen doesn’t look like this, then you’ve got plenty of room for improvement:
1. Use OTS huntLINX to display your location on a public map for visibility to other members
2. Use an OTS Porta-Board or Pouch vehicle display to communicate with other hunters or first responders at a common entry/parking area
3. Always wear blaze orange while moving in the field and when required by law
4. Use OTS Saf-T-Wraps & Slaps tree/trail markers to identify your safety perimeter at your hunting location
5. Always wear a secured safety harness when elevated
6. Open the orange flags/flaps on your hunting blind if on the ground
7. Wear blaze orange when recovering game or leaving the field

People say you can’t place a value on life and, starting at just $15, the life you save could be your own. Visit us at www.OutdoorTrackerSystems.com for individual safety products and hunting/wildlife management software solutions, or combination kits for as little as $50. You can also search our partner/staff sites for discount coupons for even greater savings.



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