Outdoor Tracker Systems, Inc.

Communication, Safety & Management Products and Software for Outdoors Men and Women

Field Management Solutions for Every Hunter

Whether you’re a novice, experienced, or professional hunter utilizing public or private lands, Outdoor Tracker Systems has a hunting management solution for you. Our patent pending system utilizes field communication products that allow you to alert other hunters of your presence with vehicle displays and field markers for safety, privacy, and emergency response. We also offer huntLINX, our satellite imagery and database management program, as a resource for recording and saving all of the important information that you need to make educated hunting decisons. HuntLINX also has optional web-based communication features.

Hunters who spend any of their time on shared property, public or private, will find our field communication products very helpful in communicating with others from their point-of-entry (parking area, roadside, gated access, etc.) with our Porta-Board or Pouch. These displays secure to your vehicle window and protect a field map with your location, activity, and duration shown on the map.


Additionally, our Saf-T-Wraps & Slaps are used to identify your hunting location in the field. These highly visible tree & trail markers are used to highlight your hunting and safety perimeter to prevent other hunters from encroaching on your space and maintain safe distances. They attach firmly with velcro or metallic flex bands and will not spook game with wind movement.


And, our Fish & Game Board is a high-resolution aerial map of your property used to identify locations afield with color-coded markers. This is useful for camps, clubs, or public lands.


HuntLINX is designed with various levels of functionality to serve the needs of every hunter. A beginner may choose our Starter or Sportsman Edition to start keeping track of field observations and features as they develop their skills. The program allows them to plot their favorite huntings locations in a satellite mapping program, and also begin to keep an E-Journal with stored information about each one.

Our huntLINX Pro Edition adds features for the committed hunter who plants food plots, uses minerals, adds baits where allowed, and wants to integrate their trail camera pics into a single management solution. By using a combination of feature, activity and wildlife characteristic icons, an experienced hunter will begin to populate their maps with vital decision-making data to optimize success at various points in the season.

HuntLINX Outfitter & 500 versions provide even more versatility for industry professionals with the addition of a Client Management module for recording the history of customers, club members, or events. Guides and Outfitters can assign customers, create harvest logs, record daily observations, adjust for preferred/predominant conditions, and improve the overall experience of anyone who steps into their camp.

Find out about all these great products at http://www.OutdoorTrackerSystems.com.



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