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Finally, help for the Public Land Hunter!


Anyone who has ever hunted Public Land knows that gut-wrenching feeling when the approaching noise you hear is that of another hunter. This situation repeats itself thousands of times each day all across the country. And, rarely is it an intentional interruption. The simple fact is that the problem has been largely ignored and is an accepted occurrence among many hunters. Everyone says “That’s Public Land hunting!”, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could dramatically reduce the number of times your public land hunt is interrupted? What would you pay to have 50% less disturbed hunts? What about 90% fewer? Is it worth $15, $35, or maybe even $60? How much fuel do you burn getting to a hunting location only to find the parking area is overcrowded, and nobody has a clue where anyone else has set-up? What if you could communicate from home, work, a parking area, or in the field with other hunters that you don’t even know? What’s it worth to take back your hunt, EVERY TIME?

Outdoor Tracker Systems has developed a simple communication system that does all of this for you. A unique blending of huntLINX, our web-based satellite mapping and optional communication software, and our Field Alert System allows you to publicly post your location so others can avoid you. To learn more about this incredibly easy and effective way to have privacy afield, check out our Three-Step Process



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