Outdoor Tracker Systems, Inc.

Communication, Safety & Management Products and Software for Outdoors Men and Women

Welcome to huntLINX!


Outdoor Tracker’s huntLINX software is a web-based satellite mapping and communication program that includes Outdoor Activity Management applications (Hunt, Scout, Fish, Trail), Property & Wildlife Management software, a Game/Trail Camera Organizer, Guide and Outfitter Client Management module, and an E-Journal to record and retrieve information about you experiences afield.  There are five (5) versions of huntLINX available : Starter, Sportsman, Professional, Outfitter, and huntLINX 500.

HuntLINX is a private, web-based application that lets you organize your hunting data and history at your fingertips in a satellite mapping environment.  Features include:
-Location manager for stands, blinds, feeders, scouting info, property features and more
-40+ data fields that include food plot plant dates/products, preferred winds, baits, minerals….
-Media manager for storing game camera photos by location
-Journal to record location usage, harvest data, client history, and unlimited text info
-Reports feature to sort data by preferred wind, food source, location, etc.

Whether you hunt the same 20 acres every year, hunt multiple private/public areas or are an outfitter with hundreds of locations, there is a huntLINX program for you. And, huntLINX also includes an optional communication platform that allows you to leave a record behind for safety, privacy or emergency response. Now, you can readily make informed decisions about the places you want to hunt, while letting others know about your activity and location.



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